Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Amigos Says Screw the Tea Parties

Tea Amigos Says Screw the Tea Parties

Hi, this is Mike from Tea Amigos. Usually I post various tea-related content to promote viewership of our tea rating website, but today I want to discuss my personal view of these timely tea parties that have “spontaneously” sprung up all over the country. I suppose this can be considered tea related.

First of all, I am a huge supporter of Ron Paul. On December 16, 2007, in commemoration of the Boston Tea Party, I donated $100 dollars to his campaign in the so called money bomb that raised 6 million dollars in one day.

What started out as a legitimate grass-roots effort to elect one of America’s only principled men (along with a few honorable mentions: Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, Bernie Sanders of Vermont) —an anti-war, anti-tax, an anti-lobbyist, anti-corruption, anti-globalist, anti-federal reserve, pro honest money, pro civil liberties politician— has become a Fox News led anti-Obama bastardization of the initial message. The original Ron Paul Tea Party was a protest against the big government policies of the last 80 years, the never ending imperial wars, the unfair fiat money system, the anti-constitutional thugs at the IRS. The current protest is against the big government policies of the last 8 weeks which are really no different than the big government policies of the last 8 years.

When you have, lets face it, neo-con morons, like Sean Hannity leading a tea party, you know that the movement has been corrupted. It upsets me because mainstream Republicans, clearly not in tune with the true nature of the Ron Paul movement, are perverting a truly beautiful grassroots movement to their ends, so that in 2012 or 2016, we can oust Obama and replace him with yet another Republican puppet who will promise change but merely bring back the horrors of the Bush years.

Any true libertarian out there, any true lover of liberty, has to boycott these so called tea parties, lest our message be mixed and drowned out by the mainstream Republican banter. Do you really want Rush Limbaugh representing your views? I say, HELL NO.

Let’s organize our own tea party with an entrance exam. First question: Was G. W. Bush one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen? This one question will weed out the true patriots from the scum; it will weed out the people who love this country and not their party. Word to all your mothers.

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  1. You had some good points, and my attention, until the last two paragraphs. So, you know what makes someone a TRUE libertarian?

    Up until those words, you were someone with an opinion. After those words, you became a religious zealot, and therefore useless.

    While I don't believe Bush was a good president, calling him the worst ever is political ignorance of the highest order. And it was that type of ignorance that got Paul's supporters labeled as Paulnuts. But, you do like tea, so there is hope.